Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kate Has a Podcast!!!

Remember all those times that I said I was going to start a podcast? Well, it turns out I'm not all talk: it has arrived.

Despite almost setting my computer on fire, I have managed to (finally) finish up the first episode of "Kate Has a Podcast", with the invaluable help of the great Ryan McNeil. I hope you guys will listen, and enjoy. He and I talked so much that I had to split the episode into two parts. Part 2 will be available next weekend, where we'll discuss The Hunt.

This episode, Ryan and I answered some fun questions so that you guys could get to know us both better, and it lead to some very interesting (if not slightly schizophrenic) discussions on film and television shows which included Days of Thunder, Terminator, Showgirls, Empire Records, Archer, Mad Men, and of course The Walking Dead.

The episode will hopefully be up on iTunes soon, but for now you can listen or download using the Podomatic player below, or by visiting my profile there.


  1. HI Kate. Am I the third person? xo Mom

  2. Actually it appears there were 15 total when you made this comment. This is unexpected. Unless you downloaded it 15 times by mistake.... Mom?